Prescription Sunglasses Options for High Prescriptions

A common problem for people who wear very high prescription strengths is a lack of selection when it comes to frames. Higher prescriptions lenses grow thicker as they curve, so the edges are the thickest part; eyewear selection is often hampered by this factor, as not all frames can physically support thicker lenses. Even when sleek or sporty frames can hold your lenses, the wide edges stick out and detract from the appearance.

High Prescription? Here are Your Prescription Sunglass Options

Wiley X GravityThis often greatly limits your choices in eyewear. But not at MyEyewear2go. We offer such a wide variety of frame styles and lens material that you’re sure to find a pair you love…no matter how strong your prescription. The two major elements of your eyeglasses – the lenses and the frames – can both be manipulated to reduce or disguise the thickness of your lenses.

The lenses, of course, are the root of this problem. The best way to solve it is to actually shrink the physical thickness of those lenses. This can be accomplished with high index lenses, and the stronger your prescription, the more change you can affect. Stronger prescriptions require lenses with deeper curves and the properties of high index allow such prescriptions to be cut using less material than standard glass or plastic.

This reduces the overall thickness of the lenses and is especially evident in the reduced size of the edges. The higher the index material, the smaller those edges can become. Without thick, sharply curving lenses, you greatly increase the selection of frames from which you can mount your lenses.

Shop High Index Glasses

Short of reducing the lens thickness, you can select a frame style that masks the edges of thicker lenses, or at least makes them less prominent. Steer clear of wraparound-style frames, which use relatively flat lenses and likely can’t fit thick-edged lenses at all. Some frame designs, like the Rayban Wayfarer Classic and other flat styles, are far better suited to seat thicker lenses without highlighting the edges. Wiley X designed two styles, the Echo and the Gravity, especially to accommodate thick lenses. Below are some of their features.

  • Patented removable facial cavity seal
  • Certified to ANSI Z87.1-2003 safety standards
  • Gasket that provides a secure fit and blocks out wind, light, dust, and debris
  • Customizable with all available lens prescriptions, materials, and coatings
  • Includes large zippered case, leash cord, and cleaning cloth

Bear in mind that you can combine these two “fixes” – high index material for thinner lenses and the proper frame style – to further downplay the effect of very high prescription, very thick lenses.

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