How Can You Find the Right Place to Buy Prescription Glass Lenses?


When it comes to your glasses, you need to find the right pair. Function matters as much as style, if not more. Sure, your eyewear can be a fashion accessory. But as soon as you need a prescription, and especially if you need that prescription for work or regular activities, you also need to make…

How Much Does it Cost to Get Prescription Glasses Without Insurance?


Now that you realize your eyesight is bad enough where it’s necessary to buy glasses, have you thought about how you’ll pay for your eyewear? Certain jobs may require you to wear prescription glasses, though it may require specific lens types or styles to fit in with the surroundings. These can end up costing you…

Six Advantages of Real Glass Eyeglass Lenses


Choosing a new pair of eyeglasses is more difficult than one might think. In addition to choosing a style that you like and that works ideally with your wardrobe and fashion choices, you also have to make sure that the material used to create the eyeglass lenses is actually what you need to optimize effectiveness….

Is Anti Reflective Coating Really Necessary for Glasses?


When you’re ready to pick out your latest pair of glasses, there are plenty of factors that play into your decision. You want a pair of frames that looks beautiful on your face and lenses that allow you to see clearly–not to mention a pair of glasses that is within your budget! As you’re choosing…

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Buying Eyeglasses Online


So you are planning to buy your eye wear online for the first-time? That’s great news! There are plenty of excellent reasons for doing this including convenience, affordability, and endless style options. While there are many benefits to buying your glasses online, it is understandable that you might feel deterred or confused by the whole…

5 Advantages of Adding Mirror Coating to Your Prescription Sunglasses


Sunglasses are as stylish as they are functional. Depending on the option you choose, you can wear them almost anywhere to add to your style while also protecting your eyes from the sun. But when you need to wear prescription sunglasses, you might not think that you can take care of many of the same…

How to Get Replacement Eyeglass Frames for Your Lens


In most cases, buying new eyeglasses online is simple. You get your prescription, find the right frames, enter the relevant data points, and wait for the product to be delivered to your doorstep. But what happens when you have the frames and need the right lenses for them, or vice versa? In that case, you…

Why Do Glasses Fog When Going from Cold Areas to Warm Ones?


Having your glasses fog up on you is incredibly frustrating. It makes it difficult for you to see–not to mention the fact that you often find yourself standing there, waving your glasses around in an effort to get rid of the fog so that you can move on with your day. Why, exactly, is it…

Rimless Glasses Pros And Cons


Eyeglasses are continuing to gain popularity in the world of fashion, and as a result of the growing popularity, many people are starting to wonder if they need to wear glasses. Many people discover that they need to have some type of support and assistance when it comes to their vision. Some people will prefer…

Are Glass Lenses Better Than Plastic Lenses?


When it comes to choosing a new pair of glasses, what are your most important choices? You’re probably thinking about options for your frame colors and materials, as well as the overall style. But sometimes, it makes sense to start the answer to that question with the basics. Think for a moment about the core…