Knowing When to Replace Your Nike Prescription Glasses


Finding a good pair of glasses can be difficult. Therefore, when you finally find high-quality eyewear such as Nike-brand glasses, it can be hard to give them up. After all, comfort, style, and durability are rarely found in the same package, making it feel crazy to give up such an amazing pair of glasses. However,…

Taking Care of Your Nike Prescription Glasses


Everyone loves a new pair of glasses, and Nike glasses are an extra special addition to a person’s wardrobe. The wonderful look and feel of a new pair of Nike glasses makes them an especially exciting purchase, and the improvement is one you are sure to notice the very first time you put them on….

The Top 7 Nike Prescription Glasses With Rave Reviews


What is the best way to know you are getting a great, high quality product? By listening to what other people have to say about it. If others who wear prescription glasses have worn a certain type or brand before and speak highly of it, it is a good indication that you are making not…

Geek Is the New Sexy: Be “Geek Chic” with Nike Glasses, Casual Clothes and Accessories

geek eyewear

At one time, eyeglasses used to be considered geeky. Only bookworms wore them. Everyone else opted for contacts or surgery. But eyeglasses are no longer considered unfashionable in this day and age. In fact, geek is the new sexy. Geeks have shown that, when it comes to the real world, they have as much of…

Nike Prescription Glasses: How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy for a Lifetime


Eye health problems are responsible for millions of Americans suffering from severe vision loss. These problems aren’t limited to the elderly or those who experience an unfortunate accident. Anyone who takes their vision for granted risks poor vision health. In many ways, the body is like a machine such as a car. Those most likely to…

What to Do With Your Old Glasses After Your Nike Glasses Purchase


If you have seen the awesome Nike prescription glasses options out there, it is highly likely you are eager to get your hands on a pair. However, making a new glasses purchase always leaves customers wondering what to do with their old eyewear. It doesn’t seem right to throw something so useful in the garbage,…

How Nike Prescription Sunglasses Can Help Keep You Looking Young


Few adults want to look older than their years. Although many young adults are unconcerned about losing their youthful appearance, they too will reach a point in their lives where their attitude changes. How do Nike prescription sunglasses fit into this? In two ways. First, there’s no denying how your choice of attire affects your…

Progressive Lenses or Bifocals: Which Are Best for Your Nike Prescription Glasses?


If you are in your 40s or older, and find it harder to read small print when using your prescription glasses, you may have presbyopia. This is a condition that every middle-aged person eventually gets. It simply means your eyes aren’t as youthful as they used to be and can’t reshape their lenses enough to…

Nike Prescription Sunglasses for Sailing

nike -sailing

For those unfamiliar with the activity, sailing seems idyllic. However, this viewpoint will quickly change for the unprepared. First of all, for those who are complete landlubbers, the boat motions in the water can be unsettling. On heavy seas, the rolling, pitching, and yawing motions combined with the constant sun glare can give you headaches or…

Enhance Your Athletic Performance and Visual Experience with Nike Prescription Sunglasses


Spring and summer are the best times of the year for enjoying the outdoors. How people indulge in outdoor pursuits will depend on individual interests and inclinations. Some like the vigor of intense athleticism, while others engage in non-athletic yet physically active pursuits. In either case, performance and enjoyment depend on your vision. This in…