The Biggest Prescription Eyeglass Trends Going Into 2018


As we get closer to 2018, it makes sense to start paying attention to the newest trends in prescription eyeglasses. Following these trends will make sure that you look amazing, while still allowing you to see clearly.Always remember: no matter what your personal taste is, you’ll be able to find a pair of glasses to love. That’s especially the…

Why Progressive Lenses are Blurry on the Sides and How You Can Adapt to Your New Lenses


Progressive lenses offer a total solution for anyone who is seeking a single pair of eyeglasses to optimize clarity. Before the advent of progressive lenses, people would have to change their eyeglasses for different purposes. When progressive lenses first made their debut in the late 1950s, the multi-purpose construction of progressive lenses captured the attention of…

How to Send Your Old Frames In for New Prescription Lenses


Wearing glasses is a lot more than a simple medical requirement, it’s more of a lifestyle. We know because there’s a distinct difference between people who choose or have to wear glasses in comparison to those who choose a contact-lens based lifestyle. These are two separate experiences that are solutions the same problem. In the…

Can You Turn Sunglasses Into Prescription Glasses?


The question “can I turn my sunglasses into prescription glasses?” is one that is more common than you might think. Whether you have a high quality frame from an old pair of sunglasses that you want to still get use out of or you need your tinted shades to provide you with corrective lenses, you…

Why Are My New Glasses Blurry On One Side?

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Getting a new pair of prescription eyeglasses can be a wonderful experience but at times, things may not be perfect from the start. You may experience issues like blurriness on one side, headaches, or a number of things while your eyes adjust to the transition period. Here are a few reasons why you may be…

Transition Lenses: Stop Switching Between Glasses and Sunglasses


At any given moment, somewhere between fifty and sixty percent of the population wears some form of prescription lenses. It seems like less of us because so many people either wear contacts or have weak enough need for correction to go without most of the time, but the fact of the matter is that fewer…

What To Do When Your Eyeglasses Give You a Headache


For those of us who wear eyeglasses, we’ve all been there – suddenly your head starts to ache or you start having regular headaches from your eyeglasses but you are not exactly sure why. In some cases,  the fix is something simple that you can do to minimize the chance of getting another headache from…

Eyewear for Flat Nose Bridges: Rising Trend for 2018 Men’s Eyewear

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Every face is different, so every glasses fitting should be different as well. We all have a different combination of features, from ear size to cheekbone height which influences how we wear glasses and what our eyewear needs to provide for. Of course, what is available in stores is often heavily influenced by the latest trends….

How Can I Add Anti Reflective Coating to My Glasses?

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If you need to wear glasses, you should make sure that they are as functional as possible. Style matters, but not as much as being able to see clearly even as you drive at night or during sunny days. Too often, bright lights result in glare that actually makes it more difficult to see. The…

It’s Never too Early: Planning for the 2024 Solar Eclipse in America With the Right Glasses


America just witnessed its first solar eclipse in years, and it became a nationwide phenomenon. On August 21 this year, the sun hid behind the moon for the country’s first coast-to-coast solar eclipse in almost a century. The images and videos taken during the event were nothing short of astounding. Of course, only a few…