5 Reasons to Wear Glasses with Real Glass Lenses


If you’ve been wearing glasses for much of your life, no doubt you have done some experimenting with frames and lens combinations over the years to discover which aspects work best for you. Every glasses experience is different and forms a unique journey of prescriptions, appearance shaping, and the search for optimal vision correction. We…

Why Nike Prescription Sunglasses Are a Must This Summer


Of course, wearing sunglasses also helps to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. If your eyes aren’t protected, you actually run a risk of getting skin cancer, which can form on the eyelid. Wearing sunglasses means you are not just helping to protect your actual eyeball, but also the surrounding skin. Additionally, over-exposure to the…

6 Reasons Why Sports Fans Love Nike Prescription Sunglasses


As we wrap up the summer and prepare for a good long football season, sports fans are gearing up for a round of game nights, barbecues, and enthusiastic backyard practices. We prepare for the oncoming wave of sporting events in a variety of ways and many people are hitting the gym and fighting off that summer…

Create the Right Image with Your Nike Prescription Glasses


Often, people keep wearing the same frames for their prescription glasses for years on end. But you don’t have to do this. You can experiment with your frames and try out new things. Just as people experiment with their look and wear different things at different times, you can also experiment with the look of…

5 Popular Nike Sunglasses That Are Favorites Among Men


Need to upgrade your current pair of sunglasses to something a bit newer, fresher, and more stylish? There is no better time to invest in a new pair of quality Nike sunglasses than the summer season when the weather has warmed up and the sun is shining brightly. If you are looking for something practical yet…

6 Accessories that Help You Get More out of Your Nike Prescription Glasses


If you are considering taking the plunge and investing in some high-quality Nike glasses, you are definitely going to want to do whatever you can to ensure you get the very most out of your purchase. Of course, using those glasses on a daily basis and experiencing the amazing comfort they offer while enjoying their stylish…

Nike Prescription Sunglasses for Those who Drive Often

Driving-Nike Sunglasses

No matter the season, people who drive often understand the importance of a good pair of sunglasses. Whether you are a semi driver, a parent who totes kids around daily, or a pizza delivery person, you know that without sunglasses, long stretches of driving in the sun can be absolutely torturous. On top of that, the…

6 Uses For Nike Prescription Glasses


When you hear the word “Nike” you probably think of athletic wear, sneakers, or the check mark with the famous “just do it” slogan. You probably don’t think about words such as “radiation” or “reading glasses” when you hear “Nike”. But this brand offers so much more than just athletic inspiration and an extensive clothing…

Knowing When to Replace Your Nike Prescription Glasses


Finding a good pair of glasses can be difficult. Therefore, when you finally find high-quality eyewear such as Nike-brand glasses, it can be hard to give them up. After all, comfort, style, and durability are rarely found in the same package, making it feel crazy to give up such an amazing pair of glasses. However,…

Taking Care of Your Nike Prescription Glasses


Everyone loves a new pair of glasses, and Nike glasses are an extra special addition to a person’s wardrobe. The wonderful look and feel of a new pair of Nike glasses makes them an especially exciting purchase, and the improvement is one you are sure to notice the very first time you put them on….