Glass Grey #3 Prescription Sunglass Lenses: Helping Your Vision in Outdoor Jobs

Many jobs take place outdoors, and you may have to work in an overly sunny climate for long hours. Have you thought about what type of sunglasses you’ll need to protect your eyes from UV rays? If you haven’t, you’re playing risk with your eye health since UV rays can cause cataracts when exposed to sun on an extensive basis.

The answer is glass grey #3 prescription sunglass lenses to bring not only eye protection, but also comfort and style to eyewear.

Finding good sunglasses might look easy when you’re just buying them casually. However, when you need prescription sunglasses, lens quality is everything. What you’ll discover is glass lenses on sunglasses can give you a better vision quality than if just buying them in plastic.

When you use glass grey #3 lenses, you bring all the elements you need to do specific outdoor jobs. Let’s take a look at what effect this has, and what types of outdoor careers these lenses help improve.

The Benefits Behind Glass Prescription Lenses

If you’re old enough to remember back to when glass was the only material available for glasses, then you likely know how great the optical clarity was. Unfortunately, because too many people thought them too heavy to wear, plastic and polycarbonate took over as the primary lens material.

This isn’t to say you still can’t find glass lenses in rare places. We carry them here at Myeyewear2go in both regular eyewear and in prescription sunglasses.

One thing about using glass today is it isn’t quite as heavy as it was 50 years ago. Your biggest benefit is being able to see better in your outdoor job. Plus, if you’re around situations where you could easily scratch your glasses, glass is scratch-resistant. This means not having to spend extra money on special lens coatings to protect from scratches.

Grey #3 As the Darkest Lens

Sometimes you just want some style to the sunglasses you wear in outdoor jobs. Grey #3 lenses are generally quite dark and give you an opportunity to wear sunglasses without anyone seeing your eyes. While this might bring employee jokes about where you train your eyes, it gives you opportunity to use sunglasses with personal style.

When you use thicker lenses on your prescription sunglasses, grey #3 lenses become even darker than usual. If you use photochromic lenses on your sunglasses besides, this becomes a major asset for eye protection when moving from indoors to outdoors every hour.

Glass Grey Sunglasses Helping You in Outdoor Careers

What kind of outdoor job do you have where these lenses could help your vision? If you do maintenance work outdoors for long hours, glass grey #3 eyewear prevents flying debris from scratching your lenses. In addition, you’re getting strong UV protection if you work in overly sunny climates.

It works the same if you do a delivery job where you’re constantly driving from one location to the next. These lenses work great when behind the wheel, and continue working well if having to walk long distances for deliveries.

For warehouse jobs, they’re just as useful, especially if using photochromic lenses. When moving items from indoors to outdoors on a constant basis, why bother shifting from regular eyewear to sunglasses? You can leave your prescription sunglasses on and they’ll acclimate to any setting while feeling comfortable.

Finding Designer Grey #3 Sunglasses

Here at Myeyewear2go, you’ll find a huge variety of grey #3 sunglasses through numerous designer brands. No limitations apply adding personal style to your work sunglasses so you can set yourself apart from everyone else. Most importantly, you won’t have to wear ugly protective wear, which all looks the same.

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