Nike Prescription Glasses: What You Should Know about Cycling Glasses


When it comes to cycling safety, the helmet gets most of the attention. This is understandable because no one wants to suffer a concussion or brain damage from a fall. But a helmet alone isn’t enough because it provides no protection for the eyes. A good pair cycling glasses protects the eyes from direct injury…

Women’s Nike Prescription Glasses Offer Function And Style


For many women, wearing glasses doesn’t just allow them to see better but also the opportunity to add style to their everyday look. And with Nike Prescription glasses, you have many choices to consider in achieving just that. Frame Type When you are thinking about glasses, a great way to start is deciding on what shape you…

Use Nike Prescription Glasses for Winter Sports


Snow is cold, requires frequent removal from driveways, and makes driving difficult. These aspects of snow make winter the least favorite season for many people. However, for those “in the know” about winter sports, winter is an easily tolerated or even favorite time of the year. The cold temperatures of winter are easily tolerated by engaging in active…

5 Casual Styles of Nike Prescription Sunglasses to Consider

nike cruiser

People, generally, associate the Nike brand with sportswear (for good reason), yet Nike also has a good selection of casual eyewear. Specifically, within the Nike Vision prescription eyewear line, there’s some stylish sunglasses to choose from. In an effort to highlight this, let’s examine 5 casual styles of Nike prescription sunglasses to consider. #1. Avid…

Finding Nike Prescription Glasses for Children: Giving Them Comfort With Style

Nike kids

If you have any experience with Nike prescription glasses, then you know that they make some of the most durable and stylish eyewear for men and women. However, what you may not know is they make prescription eyewear for children as well. We don’t always stop and take time to think about how wearing glasses…

Stylish Nike Prescription Glasses For Athletes Of All Ages


Get Nike performance from head-to-toe with a pair of Nike prescription glasses. Available in a variety of styles and lenses for everyday wear, sunglasses or for impact resistant safety, there is a Nike eyewear option perfect for everyone. Excellerate: Go ultra-modern with a sporty, rimless, wrap style. Nike’s Excellerate features a lens especially designed for faces with…

Nike Prescription Sunglasses vs. Contact Lenses for Golf


Playing any sport requires precise hand eye coordination, especially, with golfing. In the not too distant past (a couple decades ago), golfers, like Tom Kite, wore their prescription glasses on the course without a viable alternative. Today, contact lenses have improved to fit better and feel more comfortable, yet prescription eyewear has also improved greatly….

Nike Prescription Glasses And Sunglasses: Giving You The Style You Need


We are no longer seeing the long, hot days of summer. However, the sun will still shine regardless of what day it is and what season it is. Nike is no stranger when it comes to pushing the limits, and the brand is always creating things what will ensure you will look great at all…

3 Reasons Why Nike Prescription Eyewear is the Best Choice


When it comes to prescription eyewear, there are a multitude of brands to choose from, so why is Nike’s prescription eyewear the best choice? Of course, choosing the perfect pair of prescription eyeglasses to wear is a subjective choice — varying from person to person — yet, Nike prescription eyewear has just the right blend…

Prescription Glasses And The Myths Of Online Eyewear


Many people prefer buying many things online because they want to avoid the crowds and the traffic. You can even buy things online now and pick them up at your nearest store. Things have changed significantly and the online world has made things easy for many people. However, there are many things that some people…