Finding the Right Frame Shape for Your Nike Prescription Glasses

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If you’ve decided that Nike prescription glasses are the best choice for your eyewear this year, you’ve made a smart decision. However, you’ve probably done that just on brand name recognition alone. Do you really know all the options Nike gives you in their eyewear collection? It’s a lot more than you probably know, and…

Photogray Extra Glass Lenses: Helping You in Varying Light Conditions


Trying to find glasses that fit different lighting conditions can become a major chore, especially in the workplace. As an employee in a company that has varying conditions beyond just lighting, you may have to change your glasses numerous times to fit a particular situation. It’s enough to become a major problem when changing glasses…

Top Glass Grey 3 Prescription Sunglass Lenses On The Market


Prescription sunglass lenses can be highly preferred. When you don’t wear contacts, it is important to be able to see when you are driving, walking down the beach, or simply doing everyday tasks out in the sun. This means needing to wear sunglasses, and prescription sunglass lenses make a lot of sense. Glass Grey 3…

Yes! Glass Eyeglasses Lenses Are Still Made Today


Eyeglasses are believed to have been invented in Italy, around the late 13th century. Early pairs of spectacles consisted of two magnifying glasses riveted together and gingerly balanced on the nose. Yet, before that, the more advanced glass convex lenses served crucial roles as telescopes for sea navigation and as sighting apparatus on the battlefield….

Fun in the Sun with Nike Prescription Sunglasses


Wow! It is bright out there. You know you need to protect your skin with a good sunscreen, but what about your eyes? The sun beaming down on you as you pound the pavement or paddle the lake can take its toll on your eyes, just like your skin. But according to OMagazine, when 10,000…

Can I Still Get Glass Eyeglass Lenses? Finding a Rare Eyewear Material for Optimal Quality

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Six decades ago, glass was the only material you could buy to get eyeglasses. This was before the era when plastics and polycarbonate became the top choice of materials for not just eyewear, but just about everything. In those earlier days, though, eyewear makers knew glass wouldn’t scratch and brought features many people eventually forgot…

Glass Grey #3 Prescription Sunglass Lenses: Helping Your Vision in Outdoor Jobs

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Many jobs take place outdoors, and you may have to work in an overly sunny climate for long hours. Have you thought about what type of sunglasses you’ll need to protect your eyes from UV rays? If you haven’t, you’re playing risk with your eye health since UV rays can cause cataracts when exposed to…

Buying Glass Eyeglasses Online: Why it’s Your Best Source for Finding Quality


We’re a long time removed from when America used glass as the top material in eyewear lenses. Even so, it was far from the earliest material used in glasses if you go back further to the 1200s. During that era, Italy became the center of the first eyewear ever created. It was there where natural…

Sunglasses to Keep Your Eyes On


Having trouble finding that perfect pair of sunglasses for yourself? Or maybe for that someone special whose birthday is on the horizon? Regardless of the occasion, a pair of prescription sunglasses is always a good idea. The only problem is finding the right pair. Check out three of our best sellers below and get a…

Sunglass Lenses 101


Shopping for a pair of sunglasses┬ácan be a nightmare. With the proliferation of brands, lens materials, curves, tints, and coatings there are just too many options for the average consumer to know what’s best. And that’s not even considering the most important standard of all, will they make you look cool? Here’s a breakdown of…