Fall Trends in Sunglasses


Sunglasses can physically last for years, but fashion trends don’t have nearly the same longevity. If you want to be fashion-forward, you therefore need to re-evaluate your choice of sunglasses on a frequent basis. This ensures that your look is never outdated, and as a bonus, gives you a chance to get a nice, fresh,…

7 Steps to Get Ready for the Solar Eclipses in 2023 and 2024


The next solar eclipse is never more than a few years away. We might have just lived through our first total eclipse in a while, but that doesn’t mean you cannot get excited about the next one. Whether you can’t seem to forget the experience or missed out and want to make up for that…

Getting Ready for the Solar Eclipse 2023 and 2024 with High-Quality Solar Eclipse Glasses


The Great American Eclipse of 2017 seemed like a once in a lifetime experience for many excited sky-watchers, and normally it would be. Total solar eclipses are rare and require a special alignment of the earth, moon, and sun to achieve. It can sometimes take hundreds of years between eclipses, especially for an eclipse you…

Finding High-Quality Solar Eclipse Glasses with Green Shade 14 Lenses


The solar eclipse in 2017 was one of the most incredible experiences anyone in the US has ever seen. For those of us lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, there is something awe-inspiring and frightening about watching the sun disappear in the middle of the day. Looking away from…

Why are more consumers requesting anti-reflective coating?


A growing number of eyeglass wearers are requesting anti-reflective coating for their lenses. Commonly referred to as AR coating or anti-glare coating, anti-reflective coatings are known for their ability to maximize visual acuity through the elimination of reflections. With the global anti-reflective coatings industry estimated to reach¬†$4.9 billion by 2020, eyewear manufacturers and providers are…

Eyewear for Special Needs


Viewing the solar eclipse is a spectacular activity that only happens once in a while. It’s something people all across the globe enjoy having the opportunity to do. The last time Americans viewed the solar eclipse was August 21, 2017. Millions of people put on their safety goggles to catch an awe-inspiring look at the…

What You Need to Know About Buying Bolle Prescription Safety Glasses Online


Buying glasses online can be a difficult proposition in any situation. You need to make sure that you get the promised quality, while at the same time still benefiting from the potential costs savings you could realize through this avenue. That only rings more true for prescription safety glasses. Here, multiple variables enter the equation….

Should You Buy Your Bolle Prescription Safety Glasses Online?


Your eye’s safety is nothing to play around with. So naturally, you gravitate towards brands that have established themselves as credible and high-quality. That way, you can make sure that any safety glasses you find do their job in protecting your sight from any condition you might find yourself in. Bolle is one of these…

Can I Get Anti Reflective Coating on my Current Glasses?

anti reflective

We get the question a lot. Naturally, anti reflective coating is a great addition for your glasses as you purchase new lenses. But what happens if you have already purchased your glasses, and realize the benefits of this addition after the fact? You might think the answer is complex. In some ways it is. Still,…

10 Benefits of Wiley X Youth Force Prescription Glasses for Kids

kids spoorts

It can be tough to be an active kid who wears glasses. There is a decades-old stereotype that kids with glasses are bookish indoor people but as all parents, coaches, and kids now: this can be entirely false. Plenty of kids with less than perfect vision love to play sports and they¬†can play pretty hard….