Top Reasons To Buy Glass Eyeglasses Online

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When you are searching for new eyeglasses, whether they are for fashion or for prescription, you want to have a wide selection. There are a number of reasons to buy glass eyeglasses online and you can explore them now. In no time at all, you can access the top brands and get the glasses shipped…

Real Glass Lenses for Eyeglasses: Why it’s Still Worth Considering Over Plastic

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If you’re old enough to remember wearing glasses decades ago, you probably remember glass being the primary resource used on prescription eyewear. The reason was due to various quality elements you can’t get in other materials. Unfortunately, far too many people thought glass lenses as a liability because of the weight. As we reached the…

Women’s Petite Fit Sunglasses


Leading eyeglass manufacturers have upgraded styles giving smaller faces more options. There has never before been more fashion choices in women’s sunglasses for petite faces. For smaller people who have been dissatisfied with over-sized lenses, earpieces that were simply too long and frames that were always a bit too wide, selections are available to solve those problems….

Do Blue Blocking Lenses Have To Be Sunglasses?


Do blue blocking lenses have to be sunglasses? Quite simply, the answer is no. When we think of blue blocking lenses, we think of sunglasses because we all know that blue light is part of the natural light spectrum and there is a great risk when we are exposed to it from the sun. However, there are some…

Advantages of Polarized Sunglasses and Why You Need Them


Polarized sunglasses are exceptionally popular these days with everyone from kids to celebrities, such as Robert Pattinson and others, wearing them. Besides being fashionable, they’re also good for your eyes. If you’re considering buying polarized sunglasses, here are some reasons why you need them, along with a few of their many other benefits. How They Work…

Why Do I Need Progressive Lenses And Where Do I Find The Best Frames?


Presbyopia, a natural change in the eye’s ability to focus due to the eye’s lens stiffening with age, can be an embarrassing diagnosis from an optician. Presbyopia means that an eyewear prescription requires bifocals or even trifocals. Anyone who chooses to wear glasses dreads the day when their prescription includes the need for “the lines”. Corrective…

Can I add anti-reflective coating to my glasses after purchase?


The anti-reflective (AR) coating is a transparent thin film structure consisting of alternative layers of contrasting refractive index. Thin film is a special branch of optics that considers the physics of light passing through materials that are close to the wavelength of visible light in thickness (about 500 nanometers–500 billionth of a meter). When light…

Best UV Protection Sunglasses: Brands To Look For


The sun gives off two types of harmful rays, UVA (short) and UVB (long). Both of these can cause damage to our skin and eyes. Without proper protection, these rays can cause sunburn and skin cancer. They can also damage our eyes. They can cause cataracts, destroy the retina, cause tissue to form over the…

Adding Anti-Reflective Coating After Purchase


As an eyeglass customer, have you ever asked yourself this question, “Can I add anti-reflective coating to my glasses after purchase?” It’s quite possible that you have. It is not uncommon for consumers to go down the checklist of options for a new pair of lenses and opt out of the anti-reflective coating in order to…

The Technology Behind Four of the Best Brands for UV Protection Sunglasses

Nike Sunglasses

Protecting our eyes from the sun is just as important as applying the proper sunscreen to our skin while outdoors to prevent immediate effects of sunburn and also restrain the cumulative damage the sun can cause to our skin and eyes such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Thank goodness today’s manufacturers are combining fashionable style…